According to biblical studies, there are several baptisms according to King James Version. Moses a man who set at the right hand of GOD, one of the greatest prophets. KJV  in the book of Exodus 14 chapter, " Moses " lead the children of Israel out from the hands of Pharaoh. GOD Using Moses to [...]


” Watch Your Conservation “

Today I  had an awkward conservation. Conversation started off with Jesus Christ ended with Jesus Christ.  Strangest thing was the dialogue between us that had me puzzled.  Oh My!  What a weird conservation. MAN : Says to me,  this god was the brother of the of the " MOST HIGH GOD ", and that he [...]

” Defeating The Enemy “

Being defeated by the serpent is not an option, here lately seems the enemy is outrageously busy. Busy in the mind of the followers of JESUS CHRIST, just as well as non-followers. In today’s society the enemy has individuals gossiping, back biting, killing, stealing, robbing , selling themselves and also believing in false gods. Worshiping [...]


expressurselff@gmail.com  What if JESUS CHRIST never died then rose on the third day? What if GOD thought to say Adam you know what, for disobeying me by hearken  to EVE you will perish ? What if JESUS CHRIST never invented mankind in his own image, where would we be? What if  GOD never used MARY [...]

” Being Talked About “

Talked about was the topic i prayed on, i ask the FATHER to lead me on what to say. On today my heart is sadden by what i see, and why i feel the way i do. Being talked about can be deadly if used in the wrong manner. When one talks about another it [...]

” Laid In A Manger “

"OUR MIGHTY and HEAVENLY FATHER LAID IN A MANGER" Jesus birth after Adam and Eve’s sin in the Garden of Eden ( Genesis 3:15).  Sin was now created a rift in mankind’s relationship with GOD ( by the serpent a snake) Satan successfully brought a curse upon Adam and Eve and all of their offspring. GOD [...]


On last night I had a dream that I was in this house, or shack with some more individuals could not see their faces. Sound as if the voices were familiar and I've  heard them before, so I begin to open the front door nothing but water. Deep waters so I shut the door with [...]