Two Adulterous Sisters lol

Woman, Respect Yourself, Wear Your Crown, Walk into your Season.

Oholah (Aholah) eldest sister & Oholibah (Aholibah) younger sister.

The story will cover very important facts out of the book of Ezekiel, chapter 23. We’re going to take a look at how the enemy can use lust and sexual behaviors to determine your destiny.

Oholah (Aholah) and Oholibah (Aholibah) both had started having sexual intercourse at a young age. They were so young that in scripture it states they their breasts pressed, and they were bruised the teats of their virginity. Both sisters came from the same mother. According to scripture, these two ladies committed whoredoms in Egypt.

Oholah ( Aholah ) oldest sister refers to as (Samaria) this young woman played the harlot and doted (Utilized) her lovers. Oholah was the type of women who looked for thousand-air status, you know the head man. Not the actual owner, but very close to the top type of woman. In today’s society, we call them ballers, or bosses men in high places, looking to make a dollar the fast life type of men. Dressed to impress for all the wrong reasons. These lovers were Assyrians which were men dressed in blue attire. Captains, horseman lust able men.

God delivered Oholah( Aholah ) into many men’s arms to where she gave herself to these men. With no hesitation whatsoever. She allowed the lust of her mind and the lust of her flesh to determine her destiny. These men laid her down like she had no self-respect.

God gave Oholah (Aholah) several chances to submit to his will. Doesn’t that sound like several of us women in today’s society? Yes! Upon several chances, God/ Jehovah delivered Aholah (Aholah ) to all the men she had been with and eventually, they killed her and her children. These same men she lusts over and allowed them to take her most prized possessions. Only thing Oholah (Aholah) became famous for was being killed by her lovers.

Oholibah (Aholibah) younger sister refers to as (Jerusalem) Oh! Oholibah (Aholibah) was more defiled, corrupt than her oldest sister. Oholibah (Aholibah ) sent messages to men for them to come and lay with her, she was one of the coldest women ever. Especially when it came to lust and sexual behaviors. When Oholibah ( Aholibah) saw men with her eyes and they were dressed to impress she went in. (Proverbs 6:25 KJV Lust not after her beauty in thine heart; neither let her take thee with her eyelids).

Oholibah (Aholibah ) lust after captains, rulers in high places just like her sister Oholah . Oholibah (Aholibah ) was the type of women if she found out you were famous she lust over them if she found out you had a reputation she placed her bet… Oholibah was more of the business owner type of woman, I would say almost millionaire status or billionaire status. When men laid with her, they defiled her body and mind they polluted her. Just like having souls attached to you, and every man that you lay with becomes a part of you just like soul ties.

God said that he was alienated by her mind just like her oldest sister, but yet Oholibah (Aholibah) continued to disobey God/ Rabbi, instructions. She increased her sexual behaviors, she lusts after several men and played the harlot all this had taken place in their youth.

God said he will cause judgment on her for the sins she committed in her youth. God/Yasue said he will cause jealousy against them and that God will take away her nose, ears, and there clothing and shall fall by his sword. God said he will devour their sons and daughters by FIRE. Strip them of their jewelry and clothing.

God stated he will make them lewdness leave from them and they will not lift up their eyes toward him and remember Egypt no more. God said that he gives Oholibah ( Aholibah) to the men which she laid with and alienated their mind. God said he would leave her naked and bear with lewdness, whoredoms because she has been polluted with idols. Oholibah (Aholibah ) walked in the way of her sister so God gave her the cup she had filled with a lustful mind and flesh.

Since Oholibah (Aholibah ) had forgotten about God/Messiah. Upon judgment God asked son of man will Oholah (Aholah ) and Oholibah (Aholibah ) be judge? God allowed his raft to come down on the two sisters, and due to their sins, God brought up every single sin they had committed. Not only that! God killed their children.

We as women must stay encouraged and love ourselves as God loves us. Hide your bodies and fulfill God law, do not allow a man or women to control your body or mind.

Words of the Day

Defiled: To make filthy dirty unclean, no more purity: treat sacrilegiously

Lewdness: Is the quality of being very sexual or lustful in an offensive way.

Words from a Dream Chaser

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