The Price

This piece inspired me to the core, as we walk through this journey together. Hopefully we’ll have an understanding of the price you pay!

According to scripture Judas betrayed Jesus. Judas walked with Jesus, ate with Jesus and listened  to Jesus’ plans. Judas went far as to even pray with Jesus, the same man that Judas himself placed a price on a faithful and pure hearted man head . A  Man named Jesus that changed lives, and was crucified on the cross so that we may live. 

Judas went to the enemy! Today we call them opps! A price was placed on Jesus head for 30 pieces of silver. After the enemy/opp discovered what they had done ✅ . It was too late! Judas tried return the money 💰 , the priest wouldn’t take it back. Poor Judas hung himself for a branch. (First sucide in the Bible). 

The price Judas paid was with his soul Burning 🥵! Weeping, gnashing of the teeth 🦷. Luke 13:28 KJV

Sounds like the world🌏  we live in today. A 🌎 with people putting putting prices on others head! 

As I try to focus on a biblical matter, I still see the physical! We are living just like the people in the Bible. House parties like Job kids.. Tamar with her dressing up as a whore to make twins with her dead husband’s father! 

The price you pay and the accountability you’ll have to deal with because of your actions. We are all held accountable for our own actions! 

Samson and Delilah

Delilah was a sneaky and conniving woman! She married Samson. She allowed the enemy to come into her home, her marriage. Delilah spoke with the enemy, (which is what the world calls opp!)  She told the enemy everything about this secret man of the Most High God. God had spoken to Sampson and let him know! Never reveal your strengths to NO one! 

See oh… precious wife Delilah kept pursuing her husband. One day he finally told her his strengths💪🏿💪🏿.

Oh! I know the Lord was very disappointed in this man of God! Guess what? God forgave him and God allowed all those people who betrayed him and tried to kill him! God allowed all of them to fall! The price that had to pay. 

Scripture says Deliha sold out her husband for some jewelry and money! Wow😯😯😯😱! So the price she’ll pay!  Never stated if she repented or not! The price she had to pay 💰 may cost you your soul🔥

Sounds🔇 just  like the world 🌎 we👬🏿👬🏿🧍‍♂️🏃🏽live in today. Woman telling the enemy/opp her husband every move! Men telling the enemy/opp her every move! Then one day they all fall. The price you pay 💰 may cost you your soul.

Theory of the different names!

In My theory of why God had so many names. Jesus  had so many people who wanted him dead! Jesus had so many people who wanted his disciplines to die! So as they traveled 🧳 from city to city preaching the gospel. The hate of the enemies wouldn’t know his moves. So Jesus had to say His name was Yahweh or Yeshua our Messiah. 

Now! We serve a God that forgives us and when we repent! I also  know that we are under the grace law. I don’t ever remember reading that you wouldn’t be held accountable.

The price may cost you your soul

Biblical Reading Kjv📜📜📜

Jesus and Judas Matthew 26:15 

Jesus and Judas Luke 22

Job 1:13-22 KJV

Samson and Delilah Judges 16:1-20 KJV

Luke 13:28 weeping gnashing of the teeth KJV

Posting From A Dream 🛌 💭 Chaser

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