” Being Talked About “

Talked about was the topic i prayed on, i ask the FATHER to lead me on what to say. On today my heart is sadden by what i see, and why i feel the way i do. Being talked about can be deadly if used in the wrong manner.

When one talks about another it seems as if they have no life of their own. Like the sun rises and sits on your mountain. I must admit i have talked about others  in the past about  how the lived or how they cleaned  their houses , and so forth.

See đź‘€ i didn’t know any better, i thought that all mothers taught their children the proper way to do certain things. Just like my mother taught me! That’s not the case.  

My mother taught me how to be a women , conduct myself like a lady stand on my own two feet etc. In my thought process at the time i figured every women knew the basic stuff.

No! Not true every women is different unique in her own way, her mother is unique in her own way. I know for myself i have some trained behaviors that i am so trying to break, i know my FATHER will mold me in due season.

I wanted  to express myself on this topic being talked about, one of my best friends made me cry the other night. We cried with each other she began to express to me why she doesn’t like going to church. She tells me that the people in her church talks about everyone rather it’s true or not, she stated they haven’t taught her anything about the Bible .

All they do is tell others business, GOD forbid if you go up for prayer they talk real bad about you. So bad that people don’t even want to go up for prayer, my LORD. Her story had touched me more ,when she told me she wants to learn more about the Bible. She desires to know more about JESUS , Yahweh, Yahshua. Amazingly i have taught her more than her leaders at the church she attended .

My LORD it made me think of this past Wednesday at Bible Study, when one of the leaders asked  are you saved? We all raised our hands.  He says how many people follow you to church?  My LORD it was kind of quiet; saying you tell someone anything but actions speak louder than words.

On yesterday  a lady took her own life jumped off her balcony. Why? She was talked about so bad she killed herself.  According to news a lady and her boyfriend plotted to kill her ex-husband and his  girlfriend. Stated they were arrested and was setup by a  undercover police officer.

Story below  will help others understand the GOD WE SERVE IS MIGHTY. Yes the FATHER was displeased with  David and of course us at times.

2 Samuel: 11 David and Bathsheba : David saw a beautiful women by the name of Bathsheba, daughter  of Eliam and the wife of a man named Uriah the Hittite. David saw this beautiful Bathsheba bathing and sent a messenger to find out who she was. When David received the information about her, he wanted her to himself David took Bathsheba, she came to him and  they laid with one another as her body purified from her uncleanness: and she returned to her house. Bathsheba returned home and sent a message to David saying she was with child.

Right then and there David plotted to kill Uriah,  sent him to a place where he was certainly  to be killed.

No difference from this doctor who took her life: took her life because she was talked about so bad felt she had nowhere to go. She was  judge by ALL on earth and in a day or so returning to court in Houston, TX. I am pretty sure this doctor felt the pain, not only her the family friends; the GOD we serve is MIGHTY my FATHER can move MOUNTAINS, RAISE THE DEAD, HEAL THE SICK.

In 2 Samuel: 12 David repented of his sins, David didn’t kill himself. This doctor was talked about so bad she killed herself, my GOD her family the man family. The bible is here and has been here for years history is repeating  itself everyday.

In my opinion enemy got into her mind and spent her  all around, once that happens you lose control.  Depression starts to set in, the enemy begins to tell you all these things you done wrong. How people don’t love you and GOD will never forgive you. ALL THOSE ARE LIES.. When that happens he keeps going, then eventually with the guidance he kills you.

Matthew 26:15 Judas betrayed JESUS for thirty pieces of silver when everyone found out what  Judas had done he felt ashamed in Matthew 27:3-5 states he tried to return thirty pieces of silver to chief priests and elders and they wanted no part so Judas hung himself.  Just like this doctor killed herself.

That’s why it’s  very important to know JESUS CHRIST, understand why and how important it is to repent. Do not allow the enemy to take your life by judgement.

Who can judge this man and women? ( 12 ) According to Texas.

John 8:7 So when they continued asking him, he lift up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her

I placed this scripture JESUS told this to the people who were ready to throw stones at this women who committed adultery. My Lord who  are we to talk bad about anyone.

When you spend more time cleaning out your own home, cleaning up your mess and while cleaning your mess continue to pray for other’s.

Being talked about  in a negative way keeps souls for being saved, when a person shares their personal business keep it between you two . When he or she confides in you, please be a leader and keep quiet. Stop being so judge mental on others and how they were raised everyone is different teach and show them JESUS WAYS. Ways of righteousness, LOVE, PEACE, ETERNAL LIFE, WALK, TALK, LISTEN, FOLLOW, than LEAD.

John 10:27 -28

My sheep hear my voice, and i know them, and they follow me

And i give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.

Word Of The Day:  REPENT feel or express sincere regret or remorse about one’s wrongdoing or sin.

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