A Brother’s Voice

On November the 11th of 2020.. I experienced a life changing moment . A week before this incident, I had a dream my best friend Nastassia Brooks died and I went livid! In the same since she was okay, but on the other hand my feelings were so hurt. The dream was like I had lost a part of me. I didn’t understand the dream in the beginning, but after a confirmation my mind was at ease. My Dream was interpreted and it automatically had given me chills.

So when I explained the dream to my best friend Nasstassia, she seemed okay! Right then! I knew it was a possibility it could be me, or someone around us.

On a  Wednesday which was  Veterans Day, I attended a parade with a friend Terry, and the strangest thing he asked me as we were riding. 

Terry: Are you ready to transition and due God’s work  really and truly ? Like when are you going to start your ministry!

Marquita: Yes! I’m ready!! In the same since I have to decrease, so God and Increase. He smiled. 

Later that day my friend and I made sure her kids were okay! I asked her to drop me off at home. Next thing I know I was asleep! Then all off a sudden I hear this voice while I’m  sleeping saying 🗣🗣 Kita get up! Kita get up!  Kita get up now! RUN…..

I woke up to fire🔥🔥flames and smoke. Saying to myself. What happened? I instantly ran into the kitchen, to let my dogs out . One dog  beat me out the door. One dog was in the ambulance on a breathing machine, the other dog I had to bury 😔😭.

Everyday since then.  I ask GOD what’s my purpose? I lost two brothers and I’m still here! With all my mistakes and sins. The fire that’s within me has to come out! My Bible didn’t burn and my best friend found the Bible . A powerful worded shirt MOXIE brand.   Quote: ( Rich People Problems)  Everything around this shirt burnt up! Not the shirt.

For God to allow my brother to come from Heaven as an Angel😇 to save me😭😭. I am truly BLESSED🙌🏾.  I pray I may decrease so God can increase. I pray He continues to carry me and use me as a vessel.

As the days go by, I feel lost at times and different especially with this burning fire sensation within me. All I see and feel is fire 🙌🏾🔥. I know God is the potter and I am the clay!

Few days ago! I saw a bright light in my dream. OMG!! I’ve never seen anything like it.. I actually got married to Royalty. The fire I have within me has to find its way out! 

A Brother’s Voice from HEAVEN! Mike Gee #23❤️❤️#6

Words From A Dream Chaser #66 #4

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