“ God Used A Niger”

This particular piece inspired me so much, that I read the whole chapter. I asked God for another assignment, and I ended up with Acts 13:1-7. I was instructed to send a scripture to Terry Lyons, I was hesitant at first. God said to do it! I did, and he sent back Acts 13:1. God said read further, so I did. It’s Better to be obedient than to sacrifice.

Acts 13:1-7 KJV

Man named Barnabas and Simon who were at a church in Antioch, where certain teachers and prophets attended. When both Barnabas and Simon were called nigers, As they ministered to Lord, and fasted, the Holy Ghost said, separate Barnabas and Saul, from the other men for the work I have called them to due.

As they fasted and prayed and laid hands on them and sent both men on their way, being sent by the Holy Ghost they departed the city of Seleucia and arrived in Cyprus. Barnabas and Simon preached the word of God in the synagogues of jews. John minister as well. On their spiritual journey, they ran into a certain sorcerer, a false prophet also a jew, whose names were Barjesus.

Barjesus was the overseer the deputy of a city called Sergius Paulus, the bible says he was a prudent man, who desired for Barnabas and Saul to preach God’s word to him. ( Act 13:1-7 KJV).

A lot of us are blind to the fact that God, has chosen a generation such as this one, that has been destined to carry out the full will of God. God used Barnabas and Simon, these men were black! Used by the Yahweh, the Creator of US all.

As you read this short story, you’ll have the knowledge of how God used two black men to minister in the synagogues and a sorcerer who wanted to hear a message from Yahwah .

The spiritual connection has been destined for blacks for centuries, decades. Having knowledge of who you are and who’s you are plays a major role in your salvation. As a black woman or black man, you have to know who you serve. You must understand the truth that has been placed before us. Know that were are considered Blessed and Highly Favored in Yahweh, Messiah, the Most High God.

Word Of The Day: Niger  ( nahy-jer; French nee-zer)

In its original English-language usage, nigger ( than spelled niger ) was a word for a dark-skinned individual. The earliest known published use of the dates from 1574, in a work alluding to “ the Nigers of Aethiop, bearing witness. “ ( Wikipedia.org )

A republic in NW Africa: formerly part of French West Africa. 458,976 sq. mi. (1,188,748 sq. km). Capital: Niamey.

A river in W Africa, rising in S Guinea, flowing NE through Mali, and then SE through Nigeria into the Gulf of Guinea. 2600 miles (4185 km) long.(Dctionay.com)

Posting From A Dream Chaser #66 #4 Simon and other Black prophets.

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