What if JESUS CHRIST never died then rose on the third day? What if GOD thought to say Adam you know what, for disobeying me by hearken  to EVE you will perish ? What if JESUS CHRIST never invented mankind in his own image, where would we be?

What if  GOD never used MARY and JOSEPH for a SAVIOR to be born: prior to a  SAVIOR being born people sacrifice animals or one king used incense.  GOD used a man who was made of flesh that  bleed like you an i,   JESUS walked and talked like you and me. JESUS was crucified on the cross in CALVARY for US. MY GOD! You sent a man to die so we may live, my GOD!  What if GOD never anointed JESUS of NAZARETH with the Holy Spirit and with power?

No JESUS CHRIST no internal life, no repentance, love, fellowship, patience, humbleness. In  the book of  John they talked about Samaritan women not knowing JESUS. Or Mary women who committed adultery with a women’s husband?  Both individuals would have been killed, stoned to death on the spot  in front of the whole town with mankind ( sidenote US ). What about Saul when JESUS gave him a vision, Saul heard the voice of the LORD. Saul was looking for GOD’s people to slay them, see how JESUS used him ( Conversion of Saul Acts:9 KJV ).

Peter and John preaching and spreading the word of GOD, placed them two in jail: doors unlock they disappear. Wow!! Oh my!  Then the enemy tried to stop Paul and John from spreading the word of JESUS, but  the POWER OF THE LORD.

JESUS CHRIST died for you and me, give him glory for all things known and unknown. Give him glory for waking you up, give him glory for health, give him glory for love, give  him glory for the air we breath: tell him thank you Lord , thank you for saving us, thank him for choosing you, ……..hallelujah……hallelujah………Lord.

JESUS died so we may live; live a life in his image not sin.

What if the LORD NEVER called Peter?

  • Like sending Peter to make Aeneas whole with his power, Peter one of JESUS  disciples laid hands on a man  in the bed  for eight years  sick of palsy ( Acts 9:33-34 KJV ).
  • Disciple named Tabitha which by interpretation is called Dorcas: this woman was full of good works and almsdeeds ( Acts 9:36 KJV ).
  • Peter used the Lord’s power to  pray and she rose ( Acts 9:40 KJV ) .

What if Daniel had not been in the lion’s den and called on his Father?  What if Asaph had not written in the book of Psalms 73:3 being envious and foolish, when he saw the prosperity of the wicked?

Stay strong and encourage others to become believers by the word of GOD, and the lifestyle he has chosen for  us to live.

What if the LORD says, i will stop healing the sick , raising dead and stop feeding all of US. What if the LORD just gave up on us? What if …………..

Without the one who created us, there would be no them or us today. Please go tell someone how JESUS has changed your life, or how the FATHER has chosen you to tell others how WONDRFUL AND MIGHTY HE IS.

Think about Calvary!!!!  ( Luke 23: 33-46 KJV ).


Think about the just man Joseph who was a counsellor, and also the one who begged for JESUS Body. Took JESUS body down and wrapped the LORD’S BODY IN LINEN ( Luke 23: 50-53 KJV ).

JESUS rose on the third day with all power in his hand

Word Of The Day: Sepulchre a small room or monument, cut in rock or built of stone, in which a dead person is laid or buried. omb, vault burial chamber.

expressurselff@gmil.com if you would like  to share your story of how JESUS CHRIST has changed your life, please email us at anytime. 

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