Word’s Of Knowledge

Today’ knowledge comes from book called ( Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff ).

Mind Your Own Business 

It’s tough enough trying to create a life of serenity when dealing with your own mental tendencies, issues, real-life problems, habits, and the contradictions and complexities of life. But when you fell compelled to deal with other people’s issues, your goal of becoming more peaceful becomes all but impossible.

How often do you find yourself saying things like, “ I wouldn’t do that if I were her, “ or “ I can’t believe he did that,” or “What is she thinking about?” How often are you frustrated bothered, annoyed, or concerns about things that you cannot control or be of actual help with, but are also none of your business?

This is not a prescription to avoid being of help to people. Rather, it’s about knowing when to help and when to leave something alone. I used to be the type of person who would jump in and try to solve a problem without being asked. Not only did my efforts prove fruitless, they were also almost always unappreciated, and sometimes even resented. Since recovering from my need to be overly involved, my life has become much simpler. And, now that I’m not butting in when I am asked or truly needed.

Minding your own business goes far beyond simply avoiding the temptation to try to solve other people’s problems. It’s also includes complete eavesdropping, gossiping, talking behind others backs, and analyzing or trying to figure out other people. One of the major reasons most of us focus on the shortcomings or problems of others is to avoid looking at ourselves.

When you catch yourself involved where you don’t belong, congratulate yourself for having the humility and wisdom to back off. In no time at all, you”ll free up tons of extra energy to focus your attention where it’s truly relevant or needed.

( Richard Carlson, PH. D ).

FATHER SAYS ” Remove from me the way of lying: and grant me they law graciously” ( PSALM 119:29  KJV ).

” I have chosen the way of truth: thy judgements have I laid before me ” ( PSALAM 119:30 KJV ).

Oh my! What a powerful message for today, so hopefully this will help someone on the journey of life today. Hope this will encourage someone including me to mind my own business, when you do that life seems much smoother. Glad I serve a mighty a GOD.

Word of The Day is ( Consonance): AGREEMENT, harmony; UNITY, accordance, Concord.


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