We Have A Choice 

We have a choice to choose right or wrong , we have a choice to choose light or darkness.

On this past Friday , I briefly watched channel 26 news  for Houston , TX. With Isaiah Factor. 

Now ! I didn’t get the full story , but the parts I did catch I was blown away. Especially when a activist or a man states  that individuls have a choice to kill. 

People have a choice to cause harm to others , but don’t have a choice to be gay.

What!!! ??? Huh ?? Choice not to be gay…wow!! Really ? When I saw  the Pastor , face : Pastor seemed so hurt by his facial expression. Just like the look I saw on my Bishop , face when he looks at the sign up sheet for Consecration. The hurt look or disappointed look.

Choice ! we have  one. We have the choice  to choose adultery , forication , steal , kill , be ignorant. Or choose JESUS , love , pray , obey , help others , live by the word of GOD , self control , faith , peace. 

We have a choice , however , if we allow GOD to choose for us we can NEVER GO WRONG.  I just do not understand why , people will not choose JESUS .

Like my dreams , visions are leading me. I feel this burning desire to bring forth words out of my mouth , it seems so amazing. Like a fault of water non-stop , you try to cut it off but it keeps pouring out. Super exciting to have that feeling ; feel of passion for the LORD. 

People wake up the LORD is REAL.  I will say this when the LORD is ready to  bring me forward after educating me more . Following  Under GREAT LEADERSHIP ,  the feeling the LORD gives me. We are definitely going to have more soul’s SAVED.

 We have a choice to choose life or death. Which do you choose ?

Me !  I choose to be the clay and ALLOW  JESUS TO BE MY POTTER , SHAPE ME AND MOLD ME. WORK ON ME..LORD..

This is what I noticed coming from church this afternoon. Land , animals  , so I can grow my own crops . ” Vision” write it down make it clear.

(Tamela Mann )  ” Potter ” so powerful allow him to work on you.

Words From A Dream Chaser

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