Got To Get It Right.

Often times we tell ourselves , this year I will do things differently. This year I plan to due this or that  life hits a curve ; a ball is thrown.  Then we find ourselves in a position of still saying I got to get it right.

So I got to  get it right this time. No turning around , however, it seems some habbits hold closer to you than expected. So many times i failed  but i kept going. So many obstacles to overcome , life experiences takes me by surprise.

Turning back is no longer my concern , just within the past six months. I have been feeling different , my mind set seems so powerful my thoughts only want JESUS. Truthfully I feel different then I have ever felt before , seems like nothing even  matters from my past that’s negative . All I can try to imagine is what GOD has in store for me. Craziest thing is i can’t really imagine and I know that.

The women of GOD prayed with me on Sunday , at the alter women  of GOD tells me that I can’t even imagine what GOD has for me. I’m just trying to discover what the SPIRIT wants. Sometimes I think of how JESUS WAS CRUCIFIED AT AGE 33.

For about six months I have been experiencing new life events. I remember asking my Bishop , how do you know when your called? He replied ministry. My thoughts  were to minister too Who? I need that.

At times I feel called in a higher purpose of life then what I currently see and feel. Al-so makes me ask how do you really know? It makes me think I have been called a long time ago. Now! At age 33  everything is starting to take effect . 

I notice the  struggles with us  women frowning down on each other ,  looking for love in all the wrong places. Degrading ourselves for what? So I feel that may be it ; do not really know.

What I do know is I got to get it right , too many messages coming my way. Bishops Kelvin Elect  preaches on expansion and be not conformed with the things of this world. GOD NEVER CHANGES.

Pastor Tore Roberts , preaches about ( Breaking Barrier’s ) small thinking. I will admit that’s me placing GOD in a box. Why? When JESUS has no limits. Barriers breakthrough Ephesians 3:20 , your capacity is your thinking. Got to get it right. Nothing can rob your density quicker than small thinking. GOD NEVER CHANGE’S.

Bishop TD Jake’s , GOD NEVER CHANGES , but the world changes every second , minute and hour.  THE GOD WE SERVE NEVER FAILS ALWAYS SO FAITHFUL AND REAL.

Honestly last year my car got repoed. Never had a repo before , but I was so tired of that car and the bank. They repo my car for $287.00. Told me I had to pay $9,000 , to get it back. Once in repo statues you have to pay the full amount. OMG ! Two weeks prior I told the spirit if I had no car , no where to stay , no money . Father I will praise you still. I did just that , so called friends started to fade away.

 Lord I will serve you anyways  could not find a ride to save my life.  Then when i did find a ride i was humbled and greatful. Not one time do I regret helping others to the last and they had given up on me in the beginning.  So i did what i thought was best for me . Go get it and come back with it.

Worst thing for me to  ever do, i felt convicted to the core. I cried so much to the point it felt like the ultimate no no. I  did not realize that i had went back on things i told GOD i would not do. (Promise) years ago i made. 

 My FATHER sent a message threw a beautiful woman to me , with a soft but powerful spirit.  I was just to out done i prayed , cried some more. 

Read more scriptures and shifted in to overdrive FOR JESUS. Thirty- Two days later I was blessed with a newer car  27,000 miles one owner. I used to be ashamed but no more this is me. Who cares what people think , I work to hard and give to freely  and I love with pure intentions.

Prayer for me:  My FATHER WHO IS IN HEAVEN GUIDE ME FATHER I FEEL  AS IF I’M FALLING and thinking of my old ways Father help me.  ONCE again my FATHER comes to my rescue , sending me dream’s and vision’s before destruction. My journey continues and I just want to serve GOD , use me LORD as a vessel. 

Just greatful for the individuals I have in my life , I thank GOD for the one’s who use to be in my life. Thank GOD for my future encounter’s. Got to get it right.

Today I’m officially allowing people to know information about me , my own family did not know. One day i will tell my full testimony and know without a shout of a doubt I will definitely help someone.

Allow my storage be empty so I can receive what I can not see. Remove trash that’s attached.  Even remove myself from what I want. Focus more on what JESUS WANTS FOR ME. So many times i wanted to give up , so many times i said i’m done . I have to keep moving. My way has gotten me same results No where, I totally surrender. Tired of the enemy using me acting all crazy and stuff. Is there anyone else tired of being improperly used by the enemy? 

 No turning back got to get it right looking forward to my new future and blessings. Father keep me focused on all the right things , remove those who are not for me in JESUS NAME I PRAY AMEN.

Tired of being used by the enemy comment please

Words From A Dream Chaser.

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