My Eyes Are Open 

Continuation of you deserve my praise.

As my journey continues, I am starting to see more and more. It’s like saying geesh… with all this  clutter in my space wright now! GOOD is ALWAYS AROUND. So I just go with the flow. 

So I return to Pensacola Fl, Saturday for funeral services for (Lil Lady) , what outstanding women she was. It’s not about how she died; it’s about how she lived . She lived a free life,however,  Nastassia friend funeral was the same day.

 Day went on night falls, I call one of my good friends.  We catch up on old times, I asked if I could chill from awhile. “He replied yes” along with him he brought two of the most beautiful twins…two ANGELS…😇😇. So we move around laughing having fun. 

Next day all of a sudden a friend called stated she needed a place to stay for a few nights. Me personally I check observation.

I ask GOD  what are you trying to show me? Day passes things started to happen, made me feel uneased. Bam!! Jeremy and I was riding by some old places we stop to talk to old friends. 

Lady and man approach us, we feed them ,talked.  All of a sudden this lady starts singing in my ear, now! For a minute I was okay, then it started to annoy me. So I pretend like I was on the phone to get rid of her, she just kept going. So I moved and as soon as I could, I asked Jeremy to let them out the gate. 

We leave to go get his friend, days in Jeremy keeps saying I need to go see my sister  (Genene Rich). We proceed all of a sudden she looked as if she seen a ghost it was me. I was never prepared for this, we talked she tells me her secret,  so now!! I am comfortable.  She speaking my language ALL of a sudden this women appears as we talk about JESUS.  How good he is and our dreams an visions. Lady starts singing church music. Jeremy Rich says,” is that the same spirit from the other day”? I replied ” that’s the same lady. Jeremy replied ” no!   Its crazy she appeard out of no where, That’s the same  lady i replied Jermey sad NO. We hear it and see part of it at first, as she gets closer Holy spirit says to me DON’T LOOK IMMEDIATELY. .

Genene prays, Jeremy and myself , SPIRT OF GOD MOVED IN THIS PLACE on Genene  front porch. When holy spirit did allow me to see her. Her head was rolling all around her head something I have NEVER seen before. Spirit says look its like she was in a bubble and i could see the enemy on her…it was very STRONG.I told Jeremy let’s go! , not even 60 seconds, after that we left and the lady was GONE like she disappeared ….I was like OMG!!!

We leave in a hurry to go pray. Followings the instructions we were just given,  about our lives being in danger. Company we keep…man I seen darkness in someone eyes,  for nights kids wouldn’t sleep. Stayed up seems like all night long,  but after PRAYER it was so peaceful. Strangest thing after prayer I see a ANGEL looking at me. It’s like how can you miss that when it was sitting on the dresser, soon as you walk into the room.

 Later that night I know I seen my brother ANTHONY GEE in that white shirt. Trying to tell me something,  so I asked Jeremy.  Did you see someone in a white shirt in your backyard? He replied yes! 

Next morning we go visit my brother and grandfather, both are buried side by side. I could hear both of them.

Customer calls needing hair, so I made  sure I had enough to  fill their order. Jeremy, Nastassia and myself headed to Mobile Alabama.

 I prayed before we left I asked God to protect us I repeated no weapons formed against us shall prosper. If everything is meant for our bad FATHER please don’t allow this deal to go down. We get  there called no answer. ..devil thought he had OUR souls…BUT GOD….

Next day we visited Jermey aunt, she hit me head on with the spirit.  Man!! When I tell you it was hotter in the house, then outside. Really I had to get up and go outside. She has confirmed EVERYTHING ABOUT ME THAT ONLY GOD KNOWS. She tells me Bishop Elect Kelvin Clark is real, which I knew.  God sent me to him, she confirmed ME…NO ONE KNOWS YOU BUT YOUR CREATOR and person who carried you. For years I knew I was different, but not to the extent of being so gifted that it blows my mind. Auntie Diana you are the best..

Church Sunday back at City of Rufgue Bishop Bolden.  Another surprise even the Bishop  himself seen and felt  what Auntie Diana seen. Too good to tell…BLESSED AND HIGHLY FAVORED 

Part three continued parts have been taking out to protect  us….never let the right hand know what the left hand is doing…jelousey. …is real and so is the enemy..coming for GOD’S PEOPLE WE WILL SURVIVE. ..NO WEAPONS FORMED AGAINST US SHALL PROSPER. ..

You Deserve My Praise 😇😇😇😇

Words From A Dream  Chaser..

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