You Deserve My Praise 

You deserve my praise, yes..lord. when it seems JESUS is fading and life is getting the best of you.

Jesus steps in and the Holy spirit leads  my body and mind, saying all you need is me. I am …I am. .that I am. I was visiting one of my best friends in the home town of Cantonment , Florida. As Nastassia Brooks and i had a conservation while we were driving.  All of a sudden spirit ask me , to ask Nastissa have she ever thought about praise dancing.  She replied “No! , I replied well you should allow GOD, to use you. Dance for him like never before, I also told her it makes you feel free.

She said “ok”. Nastassia says well my daughter dance Sunday, you should come to my church.  I replied”sure”. I said that, last time I visited Cantonment, FL. I told her daughter I would watch her dance. All this  occurred July 22,2016.

As the weekend pass, we enjoy ourselves I meet one of the most caring and talked about living humans. On Friday, with a glow in his eyes.On Saturday night he was murdered.

Everyone was in a state of shock😯:oops::(, sadden by such a tragedy. My friend cried all night long. Sunday, morning another friend of Nastassia comes by for breakfast . We begin to talk about how good of a person this precious human was .  (Big Rapa) begin to talk about how the BIBLE was NOT real, I listen. We listen and the FAITH I HAVE I had to speak up.I stated in Matthew don’t know the scripture. God says…ANY man that write their own words will be condemned. I replied ” walk by faith not by sight, THE BIBLE IS REAL…do not allow the enemy to distract you.

I receive a call from my cousin Lantanya Gee, stating someone close to me very dearly died. All of a sudden I could not move. I was LIKE HUH, then my sister for another mother Tiffany Jones, calls. Replied “mom died this morning “. I replied I know,  will be there shortly.

Still couldn’t move and people watching me and my reactions , holy spirit says let the dead bury the dead. GO TO CHURCH NOW! So immediately Nastassia and I got dressed in less than twenty-five minutes.

We attended City of Refuge, Bishop Jeffery Bolden, First Lady Bolden. In Cantonment Fl.  Man!! it was awesome,  as the praise dancers dance for JESUS , it was so amazing. 

It seemed  as the building was empty at first, then all of a sudden  it was filled up with the spirit 😇amazing. As the praise dancer dance magic appears,  however,  small children danced to I AM THAT I AM…WOW!!


 It’s everything I been trying to tell my friend for the last past month. I AM THAT I AM OF GOD… NOT!  Only that, young lady played Beetoven on the  piano. 


As Bishop Bolden preached, my eyes we open, he Preached about how people think the BIBLE is fake. Saying .”PEOPLE THIS BIBLE IS REAL”

Nastassia was amazed, he also talked about how JESUS was born;  how Samuel came about  and JESUS  journey. 
After that part of my journey, I had to return home back to Houston, however,  being in- between blessing .

My FAITH is still strong, I arrive  home and holy spirit is still dealing with me. Days in; he tells me to read book of Matthew, and I begin to read about the birth of JESUS and his journey. So…..amazing ONLY certain  individuals can understand HIGHER POWER. .

Lord I confess my sins, you deserve my praise ..YES!! All MY PRAISE .

Continuation. …part two give him the praise.

Words From A Dream Chaser…

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