My Story

December 13, 1995 our brother Anthony D. Gee was taken from us. By police officers in Pensacola,  Fl. Lawyers were paid off to keep quiet, people were scared to talk.More than twenty years has passed nothing was never done about our situation.

Now! Within the last past few years more black men and Young men are being killed. By police officers with hate within there hearts. Taken lives, for over the past twenty years a mother has gone to sleep every night, wondering what happened to her child. 

Everyday for over twenty years I been praying asking God, to help us tell us which way to go. Still today I pray,  but I remember being a little girl he came to me in my dream. 

Talking to me ,I was so afraid he replied ‘ don’t be afraid I want hurt you nobody can hear you ‘ then I woke up.In tears looking for my brother.

So my family understands that pain of other families and how they feel. But LOVE conquers all hate, for year’s I hated the police YES! Hate, cause of the lies they told on my family to save them selves.  What a shame, Now! All on the news is volience,  killing, hate, all things not of JESUS CHRIST.

As my journey continues trials and tribulations  comes upon  me Love is within my heart.  As my dream of the sky opening up and fire balls dropping from the sky and as the ANGELS FIGHT, people shout and begin to cry. After all this time my dream has been interpret to me.

As the higher I climb, I am starting to see my purpose  all this time. Vision,  dreams gifts from God…

More I think about each soul that’s taken it reminds me of his words….for my   life  instructions through life.

 Bishop Elect Kelvin Clark and Beautiful First Lady Clark, what a magnificent couple GOD HAS ORDAIN over our souls. ..God is good.

Teaching of God keeps his children grounded through life, but I know when this journey is over.  I will be better than before. 

Words From A Dream Chaser….

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