” Don’t Be Another Man’s Concubine”

Levite and his concubine In Judges Chapter 19 KJV.  

At this time there was no king in Isreal, a Levite man was moving through Ephraim, where he met a concubine. Concubine was out of Beth-lehem-judah, according to scripture the concubine played the whore against him and ran to her father’s house. The concubine stayed there for four months, so eventually, the Levite followed her to her father’s house, Levite wanted to apologize to her. Levite stayed for four days and dined with the concubine father, which he was considered his father in law.  The father asked the Levite to stay a little longer, however, he declined. 

After declining to stay longer than expected, the  Levite, asses, servant, and the concubine travel to another city. After going from place to place, they were able to find a place to lodge. They ran across a man that seemed holy and allowed them to lodge with him. 

Next, they hear a knock on the door! There stand several men surrounding the man’s house.  Asking for the man who entered into the house. They eventually, end up with the woman and they abused her all night. The following morning she knocks on her lord door, he answered. He let his damsel/concubine in and he put a knife to her throat.  Cut her up in twelve pieces along with her bones and sent her body through out Israel.

When you don’t allow God to be your savior, you pick up an unwanted spirit, spirts that will mislead you in the wrong direction. Concubine is considered less than, lower quality of what a wife is. As this bible story comes to life, this story should remind us as women not to be misled under another spirit’s power. No man should be considered our lord. Jesus Christ is the way and the only way. Yahweh, Jesus Christ, Iesus. Master of all masters, the Father of all fathers. Our Air!

 This man/Levite cut the concubine up…. like with her bones and shipped her out, she already had been abused by other men all that day and night. living in that type of lifestyle you’ll end up hurt and abused. A lifestyle of whoreism and being second. God did not create woman to become second to another woman, or to be killed by a man who laid with her.  

I Pray this story Bless you all.

Word Of The Day: Concubine Is a woman who is a mistress to a man with a wife or who cannot be married to her because of a difference in social status. An example of a concubine is one of the mistresses of an important king who has many wives and mistresses.

You can read this short Bible story in Judges Chapter 19 KJV..

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