“3 types of Friends”

From Bishop TD Jakes, You Tube Video.

Confidants people who love you unconditionally, they stand by your side for the long hall. They can come visit you in a jailhouse, they will experience your ups and downs. They will stick with you if your right or wrong. They will tell you the truth if you are right or wrong. They will get you out of a crack house, alley, bad situation, good situation. They constantly feed you so you can feed someone else, they make sure you reach your destiny. If you have 2-3 in a lifetime you are blessed person.

Constituents these are the individuals not into you, these individuals are into what you are for. They are what you are for they are your constituents, as long as you are for what they are for they will walk with you and work with you and labor with you. Never think they are for you.

Comrades These individuals are not for you; nor are they for what you are for and they are against what you are against. These individuals once the purpose is complete and the scaffolding is removed. They will be gone.

Wow!!!! I seen this video earlier this year, and it’s just really sinking in. Of course when you ask for permission on what to write, this was one of the choices.

Something to think about.

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