A heavy heart & a weaken spirit

​I woke up this morning with a heavy heart my soul called to you Lord, my spirit felt weaken. So I came to you on my knees with my head bow down in prayer as my tears roll down my face I remember how much peace and comfort you can give me when I bring my problem to you instead of man.. Now; that heart that seem heavy is light,  my spirit that felt weaken has power, the tears that I cry was me being cleansed. Today is a new day Father to get it right. So thank you for spending time with me this morning when I was in need. 
Thank you Heavenly Father

Your Daughter

Andrea D Anderson

One thought on “A heavy heart & a weaken spirit

  1. Wow!!! That was powerful to the spirit, I really believe GOD is showing out right now. Letting us know come to me first, come to me and build a relationship with me. After prayer your heart an mind seems filled with pure love and joy. Words From Dream Chaser


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