Okay it’s like 12:15 Am,  up listening too Tamela Mann , on YouTube. So I started looking at our blog checking stats, just to see where we are. What ways we can improve so that others we feel comfortable accepting us. Not just that , but more so a dialogue you know the kind where people interact with one another.

So of course I love music the tone to my ear that brings joy, especially hearing  gospel music. I say hearing now! Had you caught me few years ago I would have been listening. Today I tell you I am thrilled, not in a million years had I thought express-ur-self.org would have followers from different countries. Like I really was saying out loud OMG!! OMG!! Really LORD like really FATHER I can not believe this. Like really? I say that cause GOD does not afflict down upon us like he should, because of our sinful wasys . GOD does not afflict our blessings like a human would try to do.

So powerful it blow’s my mind , like FATHER. The blessings are so strong and powerful  to the point I say man all this LORD, and I know we are not perfect.  So I called one of my best friend Andera Anderson, to share all this exciting news. Andera was just excited as I was we rejoiced and thank GOD for all blessings  coming our way. Without a doubt we are ” imperfect individuals” ; Lady Clark says .  To strive for excellence is well on the way , all I can say work on my mind LORD, work on my heart cause my GOD. Never could i imagine today such a powerful an exciting moment, crazy thing is  i have a feeling it’s about to get greater.

What if I had not  been up hearing “One Way”, by ( Tamela Mann ). Glade I was, as I started to to look up more information, song ” One Way” played again by itself. More than twice like it was on replay lol. Now! I understand Bishop Clark, when he says GOD gives him the message to teach to us. Really my topic was going to be thankful and greatful. Not today the topic turned into one way.

One way no other way , JESUS IS THE ONE WAY. GOD says” Humble yourselves therefore under mighty hand of GOD, that he may exalt you in due time ( 1st Peter 5:6 )”.

Right now!  I feel so blessed even under circumstances, thankful, greatful my GOD. I do apologize the  news is so great that it blows my mind , OK we have reached several countries. Talking about some  countries I can not even pronounce properly or never even thought about going to these countries. Really thank GOD, when your flesh fights against your soul and you sometimes find yourself in strange places. Unknown places, good thing is in those certain places protection is still there.

GOD we serve is so Mighty like Oh my! Prayer works man and truthfully it’s Only one way , GOD does not care about job title, car, house, he cares about how we treat one another. He judge’s us, not man. My GOD! Is really all I can say right now , my GOD!. You guys he has shine down all we have to do is press, press through rough patches in the road. Stay focused on the outcome of promises made, not our situations cause GOD is so much bigger then placing him within box. Especially with all the clutter we have at times  our closest, y’all know .

Really thank GOD for the one way , cause I know without JESUS I would be lost  with no since of direction Father you deserve my praise. Prayer is a powerful weapon the earnest prayer of a righteous person had great power . Father says “Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much ( James 5:16 )” KJV.

All this is part of the one way family, would like to say thank you to all who takes time out to read our blog. Just thank you so much and we greatly rejoice. Thank you to USA, Russia, India, Brazil, Pakistan, Canada, Morocco, Turkey, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Ecuador, United Kingdom, Tunisia, Peru, Kuwait, Colombia, South Africa, Ukraine etc. Much more…like my GOD!!!

Word of the day

Enmity : The state or feeling of being actively opposed or hostile to someone or something or odium, animosity. Don’t be enmity.

We encourage you to continue too press through your trails and remember steadfast love.





We would like to say thank you, please continue to follow us…all I can say good GOD OH MIGHTY!!!!!.I can not even imagine where GOD is about to takes us. Like really… crazy super excited…

Words From Dream Chaser.


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