Elevation:raising, lifting, erection, upheaval.

Power of God and the presence  of such power it’s like being there but not there. It’s like you know you see this and feel this,  but no way..it can’t be.

Power of GOD and GOD’S  work through us. This is what inspired me to write this piece. Motivation to be apart of God’s Army, seeing each of these individuals.  Allowing the spirit to use them as a vessel is so amazing. 

Women of GOD lady oh! When she preach it  lights up my eyes, oh my! when she brings forth the word of GOD! Mountains seems to move ,walls seems to break down,  it’s like a cry out for his people when she preach. Women name is Elder Cynthia  Drew.  When I tell you she has a word for you, and prayer like none other, love of Jesus.

Oh! First Lady Clark,  spirit is like calm wave of ocean, however, she is still a women of GOD. Who brings forth word so dynamic. Words wisdom, knowledge, understanding,  self-control. That will  have you thinking of a attitude of changing the WORLD, and standing humbled as can be.

What really inspired me to wanna preach is these women of God,  most  of all my beautiful mother. Who encourages me to do the right things,  step out on faith allow God to use me.

Minister Francis Jones, oh! My her words are like a mother in labor, ready for birth. Man its awesome to see her go, education she provides when she brings forth the word. Truly blessed and allows God to use her to minister to all of his children. 

My bishop, which use to be Pastor Clark. Elevation is why  pieces  of this puzzle makes it all come together,  the seeing of his evaluation. When I tell you it was so amazing and unbelievable that it seem unreal.

It felt like the ARMY OF GOD, with power striking forth of protection over his people.  It felt like  POWER like no other it was like the shield of protection, it was like OMG!! is this really happening. Can anyone other than them and me can feel the spirit?  Breath taking excitement,  joy, peace and POWER.  

As they lined up all I can imagine now is this picture,  but image with 24 other soldiers.  Lining up with JESUS READY..to SAVE MORE SOULS..

Can you imagine ONLY 24 solders,  so could you imagine Millions of us willing and ready. Like really? 

Elevation of obidence and a lot of mess ups,  I’m not simply saying these individuals are not regular people . Simply saying if they can we ALL CAN. As first lady’s says :we are all imperfect people”. It’s our lifestyles that shows more than anything even tho! I felt the need to write elevation. It’s been on my mind since October, and something would not allow it to break, bendable just not! Breakable. 

Elevation  is about climbing with someone, or going higher in something.  Good leader with people skills  we must be followers before leaders right? Someone had to lead the way Right way, positive way.  

Leading the way like foundation that’s built and can never be moved. With the intention to become higher and higher,  man the love of GOD GIVES US THOSE THINGS FREELY. 

When I saw Pastor Kelvin Clark become Bishop -Elect Clark. I was so thrilled to see, to be apart like I know our whole church was. 

Man! Elevation that’s for ALL OF US, and truly my church members are on it not missing a beat especially them Elders, Minister, Decon& Deconess. I tell you the truth, however,we are still human. 

Elevation It’s was like OMG! , when I saw, and felt the spirit like no lie really I disappeared that’s how powerful it was. So am I really ready ?? Ummm..it was crazy. ..exciting 

Words From A Dream Chaser! !!!

2 thoughts on “POWER of GOD

  1. It is a blessing to know how you allow God to use you. Continue to be a blessing to others. Living for Him requires willingness to do what He has equipped you to do.

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