Test of Your Knowledge 

Knowledge,  OK yesterday I was in Kroger looking for a salad bar  & fried chicken.  Back home in Ohio, Kroger is known for allowing customers to make their own salads good salads too.

So the one on Westhimer in Houston, TX  don’t have salad bar anymore. So I am talking with this lady who’s ringing up my food, my response was Jesus.  

So this  guy’s  says did  some one say Jesus ?”I replied yes! 

Man: Tell what do you have to do too be saved?

Me: be reborn again  you be baptized in the name of Jesus filled with the holy spirit  speaking in toung.

Man: No! All  you have to know that Jesus  rose on the third day and to believe Jesus is the son of God. I been going church for over 25 years

Me: What scripture you get that from?  

Man: read 1st Corinthians 15:1-9, so I read part of it yesterday and I’m saying to myself. That does not say anything about being saved.  

So this morning I read it again,  I say something anit right. So people think all they have to do to be SAVED IS believe  Jesus rose on the third day and Jesus is the son of God. 

Man listen hear…I do know better,  when I asked for the information he gave it to me. Then I ask for his name he gave his name. 

Voice said you want remember his name. Man walked away happy thinking this is the way. Cashier thought the same thing.

So I made a phone call…

Me:  Gm Bishop I wanna  ask a question  i told  him what I experience yesterday. 

Bishop: He asked me a question.

Me:  I answered with the right response.

Bishop:  exactly what are you puzzled about. 

Me: Nothing, just saying I didn’t read no where in the bible. Where it states  that all YOU have to do to be saved. Was to believe,  like huh? 

Goes show our knowledge about scriptures and how wolfs be in sheep clothing. Fake prophets will rise preaching fake gospel.

Scripture Acts 2:37-41,  Cleary states what must you do to be saved. ..that’s why I repent.  Cause I know I am not perfect and I may offend someone or they may offend me.

Let me know your comments on Today’s topic Knowledge. 

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