GODS  MasterPiece 

 Title : Masterpiece comes from an unexpected journey and I  wanted to share. 

 I had the privilege of talking with one of my best friends; friends Marclaire Evette. Through this journey i must admit i am afraid of what God is doing in my lfe. Thrill of joy is still in my heart,to be elevated  but still I am afraid it’s like man..me lord you chose me.

Prayer is the key in my life, so early I got up to pray, holy spirit says pray so I did. Later that day Marclaire, comes in we are having a good time selling shoes & hair. 

 Something was bothering her,  holy spirit tells  me to talk with her and tell her these things. In today’s society you don’t wanna offend anyone, by telling them about their personal life.People are so quick to get offended;  so the holy spirit knows me. Instead he moves  on her heart and she comes to me, message comes and she begins to cry and then I begin to cry.

 Felt so powerful all this time the holy spirit wants me to talk with her, things were said ONLY lord knows.  It’s crazy no one knows the things others pray for and certainly not me. I do not walk around looking to tell individuals about their life and how to live. 

In reality my life needs guidance I have my own problems and situations. To be telling someone about their life. On the other hand my spirit tells me someone else would be coming ;),  had no ideal who it was. (I would mention her name, however,  I did not ask for her permission).

While in Florida, Sherif Morgan makes a announcement about shots fired while deliverig a warrent. According to Pensacola New Journal. 

Personally i did’nt hear any shots fired. Next I know individuals getting pulled over, and using social media telling their stories. Police started harassing individuals, (saying cars smell like Marijuana). 

I see these things going on and also hear, saying to myself.  We all just wanna make it home or at least another day. ALL OF US. 

Even though situation occurs, a Masterpiece has still been the main factor. 

  Now! Honesty I am afraid and lost for words like GOD IS REAL. Like the more I pray , more I read the more he comes alive.  My walk ,my talk, Please remember like (First lady  Clark says “we are all imperfect people we make mistakes “).

Sunday comes around of course prayer is the first thing for me, so Marclaire Evette , and  myself started having a conservation. On how God destroyed cites,  and how we serve a jealous God. Do not love anyone more than GOD HIM SELF, no idols to be worship even your kids. Mother, father, sister,brother, house ,car etc.

I was telling them if we don’t ALL get it together , we will all go too hell.  No one sin is greater then the other.  Repent everyday you never know when you offend someone or they may offend you.

Sunday we attend  Ward’s  Temple A.FM. Church of God. Located in Cantonment, FL Bishop Donice Brown, Pastor.  Oh! I felt a wonderful feeling like peace entering the church . OMG!! it felt like Greater Harvest Church in Frenso,TX. Bishop Elect Kelvin & First Lady Tamara Clark. It felt like home. My bones was like yes! oh! By the way I loved the atmosphere.

Choir sings, scripture reading begins normal services begin. FIRST thing Bishops says this message CAME FROM GOD, he begins to preach.

Message comes from( 1 Samuel:7-15) Topic was called Revival ,now tap me and wake me up. Bishop talked about.

  • Repent daily
  • Idols 
  • How God destroyed cities 
  • How God destroyed those he warned several times
  • Preached about plegs 
  • Marriage
  • Rivival
  • Ark 

So immediately my mind was like really. .confirm. . this message was from God. Everything we talked about during the week and that morning, which was Sunday morning. Bishop preached on all topics we discussed  it seemed like I’m dreaming but it’s reality.

Now! I’m more afraid than before, however, very grateful. Even with the messages of deliverance and joy life situations still occur. 

So being afraid it’s always on my mind even writing this post.

My departure from Florida is even more to warn me about my destiny. Get pulled over calming I was following to close to semi truck.  Officer ask for license, insurance , and he received all information.  Now asks me if I could sit in the police car, so I’m like huh? Can you sit in the police car?  Sure!

Officer what’s your social security  


Officer: Have you ever been jail I smell Marijuana in your car.

Me: Yes! I been jail and No anit no one been smoking in my car

Officer: What you been jail for?

Me: Possession 

Officer : You mean trafficking 

Me: Well I guess so trafficking 

Officer :  Tell me I do smell Marijuana you have a blunt in there or  sack or something.  I want take you to jail ;tell me.

Me:.Dude now!  stop it..you know you don’t smell no smoke  or Marijuana in my car .No one been smoking in my car.

Officer :  How long you had this car I need to search your car

Me: Dude do whatever you have to  I have too much to lose. .people change dude. I OWN delivery service, sell hair ,own TWO.. Boutiques and Independent Insurance Agent. .like dude..really are you serious?

Unusual conversation but 

officers tells me AMEN.

Me:  I say that’s unusual for a officer to say Amen considering all stero types .

Officer : …….

Me : waiting letting them search my vehicle and then  telling them how to search praying WHOLE TIME..LORD…move on there hearts let me go in your name. Father I ask of these things in your name. Just wanna make it home, allow me to exhaul.

Officers : Your free to go

Me: Thanks ya’ll wanna buy some shoes or hair  

Officer : No! Not off my salary don’t make enough  ,me have a nice day..thank you Lord..geesh….. .


Even through the storms God’s Masterpiece out conquered ANY OBSTACLE.  KINDNESS KILLS  STRIFE….People change STOP JUDGING US BY OUR  PAST. .GLAD I SERVE A FORGIVEN GOD

Thoughts and Words From A Dream Chaser.. 

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