5 keys to Identify Your Soul Mate

By: Pastor Toure’ Roberts, is the actual name of the Pastor where I received this information.

YouTube video was sent by one of my best friends and business partner Andera Anderson,  through text message today.  Andera and I have had this conversation for quit sometime, talking about relationships.  Soul mates, and everyone has one.

More as if looking for love in all the wrong places, seeking something that is not of the spirit.

So let’s define soul mate: Soul mate a person ideally  suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner. Ummm true definition of Soul mate.

So according to KJV,Genesis 2:21 So the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept and he took one of his ribs and closed up the flesh instead thereof;.

WOW!! like really. ..something to think about when it comes to relationships , soul mate. Okay so God put Adam to sleep took one of  his rib out and made a Women. Now! If that’s not nothing to shout about, then I don’t know what to tell ya’ll.

So as I was watching this video, I thought well dag..lord put it  all on front street, so when it’s  5 Keys to identify your soulmate.

  • Chemistry – Connect
  • Connection – Draw, desire must qualify
  • Wholeness- All I need is you  , full
  • Divine Confirmation 
  •  Since of purpose

Must know who you are.

So soon as I started to  listen; I  begin to  hear all what Pastor Toure’ was saying. Then I begin to think of myself like..you don’t have to ask God is that him or his that her lord he will place him/ her in your path. Called purpose,  you have too have a purpose;.

Two years ago I had the pleasure of meeting one of the most outstanding men I know Dr.Hunt. All we talked about is life events, working on my delivery service  Care By Your Side LLC.  We also talked life challenges ups , downs, joy of it God and his steadfast love and  soul mates relationships .How he wanted GOD to give him a wife.

 So you know he who finds a wife finds a good thing. We prayed together  , of course he prayed by his self for the desires of his  own heart. About year ago God had shown him his wife, through secret words that they spoke together.  He called me I was super excited😅😆😆😆 for him and his new journey ; again soul mate. It’s real.

This year I have been praise dancing for I would say two years now!, so I have had the privilege to work along the side of Traci Truner, our leader. Not only that I have had the privilege to work alone side of her operating our separate  Independent Insurance Company.

Operating under one roof;  so not knowing her personal business until one day. I asked how long have you guys been married ” she replied 26 years”. I was wowed!! She said it hasn’t been easy, but GOD HAS BEEN good. So he’s like your soul mate was my thoughts to myself.  So she tells me she was in church one day, so was deacon Steven  Turner, her husband  and God had spoken to her asking if he was to leave will you still  serve me anyway.  She replied yes! She says “it was like something so..powerful came over her it was indescribable “.  Come to find out her husband felt the same power indescribable feeling; all they do know  its a divine connection .

So as I was listening to this message today and as it minister in my spirit.  I thought about decaoness Turner and deacon Turner, I was so amazed at the fact how it lined up together.

On this day tho! Like I been saying really Lord,  today….really.  but knowing it’s all good😇.

Looking at this video today, things started to register into my spirit by all these  individuals.  Separate testimonies with all same message  soul mate, believe it or not we all have one.

Magic of prayer, obedience, power hearing  of instructions that’s ment to protect you; not harm you. Its just another eye opener about soul mates. Are you in YOUR relationship of God’s relationship for you?

For years I always stated that” my soul mate I want to love me when I gain 300 pounds or weight 99 pounds”. (Hopefully that’s not that case it’s just a eye opener). Body fades away BUT A  DIVINE CONNECTION LAST ALWAYS.

Back then having no knowledge, wisdom  and understanding but I knew what I wanted. Especially  in the  area of life soul mate we All have one.

YouTube video from Pastor Toure’ Roberts from One Church  LA.

My personal thoughts on this topic, looking forward to seeing yours.

Words From A Dream Chaser

Enjoy video clip.

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